taxes & BTW problem

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taxes & BTW problem

#1 , 17 okt 2018 10:49

Friend of mine from middle east its a model here in Belgium for few years. He is working for very big modeling agency - unfortunalty this didnt prevent his problem...
Altho he never registered his company for years he was invoiced by the agency and other companies. Right now he got several letters - fist from Federale Overheidsdienst over balastingen from last 3 years - numbers are of course very high coz he never payed those taxes... Next to this last letter he got was from Sociale Zekerheid Zelfstandige Ondernemers - to proof that he actually is having his company (which he don't).

In this situation - what he should do step by step? Which offices he should go?
How to handle this huge misunderstanding? Just blasting will be more than 30 000e - its any option to split it by month - if yes, than where to ask for it?
If Sociale Zekerheid can give him fine for not having his BTW nr? If yes where to go and how to deal with all this?

Thank you very much for any help!

Edgar W.
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#2 , 17 okt 2018 11:06

This is going to be a big problem, he needs to find an accountant as soon as possible for some damage control.

Even if he has no official company, he should have had one so the sociale zekerheid has to be payed, as well as years of income tax and VAT. Even if he can get a tax payement plan over 12 months (which is rare nowadays), he will have to pay several thousands each month.


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